Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Motherly Failings

Lots of times I feel like this blog is a place for me to publicly brag about the good things I do as a mom. And that's fine, I certainly enjoy the "bucket-fillers" when people tell me how great I am :)

But, also, it's not that realistic. So, in the interest of truth, here is a short list of things I should do better at!

1) Sometimes I instruct Buddy to tell his teachers he did his reading homework, even though instead we read Roald Dahl/Dr. Seuss/Eric Carle.

2) I enjoy "Elf on the Shelf" not because of Buddy's joy at finding "Fuzzy" in a new place daily, but because of my sense of accomplishment that I didn't get caught moving him!

3) Sometimes when I'm late for work and haven't packed dinner, I steal quarters from Buddy's change jar so I can get vending machine food.

4) When my kid is being picky, I pack him "homemade lunchables" and gogurt. And refuse to feel guilty.

5) Cleaning the bathroom is worth $1, since I hate that job. Vacuuming, though more time consuming, is only worth $.50, because it's my favorite chore.

6) I use dessert as a bribe to force Buddy to eat new things for dinner.

7) Sometimes I let Buddy skip brushing his teeth at night, just because the fight is not worth it. I am begging for fillings.

None of these are the most horrible things in the world (I don't think, at least) but I definitely should work on these things! Do you have any small failings?


  1. Tons...and they are much worse than these!! Haha you are a great mama :)

    1. Oh, no worries! I have many worse failings too, these are just the ones that I have realized are silly and easy to fix. My bigger ones are going to take a lot more effort to overcome and I wouldn't feel comfortable sharing all that with the world!

  2. The older they get, the longer the list. It is unrealistic to expect that TV show parent style, where everything works out. As long as we earnestly strive to improve on what we are doing, we are headed in the right direction. I just think of it as taking the "Scenic Route".