Sunday, April 7, 2013

Shiloh's Blog!

on    Friday night . I went to my grandpo's huws. He pickt me up from scool that day.
We went to the YMCA and plaed sockar. And baskitball. And swiming.
Then we went to McDunld's I plaed for a long  tim .
And wocht "Tarzan and Jane"  but I didn't rilly  want to woch it.

Here is a viteo of me doing yoga!

Thangx for redeing today!

from Shiloh


  1. I had fun on Friday with Shiloh as well!!

  2. Shiloh worked for almost an hour on writing this, he was so proud! And all afternoon and evening he kept asking me to "check if anyone read it yet..." So your comments mean the world to him!