Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Things that Buddy has asked me today that had me baffled:

  • How come "craisins" sounds like cranberries but "raisins" doesn't sound like grapes? Shouldn't we call them "graisins"?
  • Why are soccerballs made out of pentagrams? Could they be made out of octagons instead? 
  • Why does milk get bad? How long can you leave it out of the fridge before you have to dump it?
  • If plastic is bad for the earth, why are so many things made out of it?
Can anyone come up with reasonable answers for these questions? Because it might just be because it's finals week, but I feel like all I said today was "I have NO clue!"
This is how my head feels this week.


  1. hey guess what i actually read this one ;) milk goes bad because bacteria is added in the homogenization and pasteurization and after the bacteria consumes all the sugar in the milk it get sour. If you got milk straight from the cow you could let it sit for days on your counter and it wouldn't go bad as long as you stirred it throughly. (I've been around farmers to long...its Blaze btw)

  2. And how would you explain this to a 5-year-old?

  3. If you leave out homogenization and pasteurization out the rest seems pretty easy. Plastic isn't bad, we just need to recycle (plastic lawn chairs are from recycled stuff I think). The shapes on the soccer ball wouldn't work as Octagons. If you did it you would have to put other shapes in the holes. Because raisins came first and craisins are cranberry-raisins. Prunes are dried plums - I guess they could've been called crunes or something.


  4. Haha I guess it's just finals week then, my brain is scrambled with Social Security deductions and cost/profit analyzations!