Monday, December 19, 2011

Paranoia About Pride

You know what I'm stressing about all over again? Buddy's school next year. Because the time is coming soon where I have to decide between 3 options...

1) stay in the Montessori Preschool that he went to this year, just go full days. This would be great because so far this year he has flourished, and learned things I didn't expect him to be able to comprehend hello, place value? and after a few bumps in the road he ended up making friends and really enjoying it. (I am concerned about this because I worry that he will end up stagnant, and since he loves teaching others I worry that he will just focus on helping his younger friends, rather than moving forward with his own learning. This is already starting to be the case, so I'm  not just being paranoid)

2) Send him to the Montessori Charter School that is currently housed in a local middle school. This would keep him in the same style of learning that he's so far done well with, and let him continue to be challenged by his older classmates and move at his own pace through different studies. (I am concerned about this because I worry about him graduating this school at 5th grade and then having to go on to middle school... what an awkward time to have to get used to another style of teaching/learning! Also, selfishly, it would mean I would need to drive him to and from the school every day, which might be fine but also might be a pain, depending on the job I had at the time)

3) Send him to Lincoln Elementary. Now, this one is tough. Lincoln is known for being in one of the lower-income districts of town (makes sense, I'm low income as well). And it houses a lot of students who need remedial help in English Language Learning, and it's also the school that gets the toughest Special Needs kids. HOWEVER, I know the teachers there. And they are absolutely amazing. And if my kid ends up being advanced, I have no doubts that they will notice and help him as best they can. And if he needs help in things, I know that they are capable of helping! Also, I know that it is almost immeasurably good for my child to be brought up with diversity, and understanding of others situations. (Honestly, the only dilemma here is a social one. Should I send my child to a school known to hold 'disadvantaged' kids? My kid is technically disadvantaged because of his family situation and our financial hardships, but I try as hard as I can to keep him as stimulated in all ways as possible. Also, is it possible that because this school has to work so hard to help the students who are behind, that it maybe couldn't help my son go as far as he wanted?)

I don't know what to do. I'm full of dilemmas. Buddy wants to either just take Kindergarten at his current Montessori and then go on to Lincoln, or go on to Lincoln right away.

Also, I feel like I'm making this assumption on the basis that Buddy is advanced in his learning. And even though I think that, and his close family and friends think that, it's obviously possible we are biased...

Does anyone have advice? Is Montessori really that much better? So far I'm not feeling like it is...
Either way, I don't have to start looking at schools seriously till February. Told you I was paranoid!

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  1. I feel like what really makes or breaks an early education is parental support (as long as we're assuming that the education isn't seriously terrible, like abusive, etc), so as long as your son has someone challenging him at home, too, he'll be more than fine. Do what works best for both of you!