Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like...

We put up our Christmas tree today! It took a lot of rearranging of my living room, since I don't actually have a lot of wall space in my living room, and I'm not exactly pleased with the way my couches/shelves/desk look right now.

However, the tree looks fantastic!
Shiloh just starting to get the decorations on!

Look how pretty! I don't like to have color schemes or themes in decorations on my tree, I want it to be fun and colorful and full of good memories. This is why I put on all the homemade felt ornaments I made at 12, even though now I think they look ridiculous! And there are disco balls, and lots of sparkly shiny tacky ornaments, and I love them :)

I like this picture lots, even though neither of us are making very normal faces. Also, you can see the stuffed felt angel I made when I was 12 (as previously mentioned)! I also made a camel, a snowman, a candycane, and a Christmas tree :)


  1. Thanks! Also, for reference, there are too many DB's in my family for me to have any idea who just commented :) Are you my father? My brother? My uncle?