Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas, for real.

Ok guys, Christmas this year ROCKED!

And honestly, I think it was because of my new(ish) strong ties with my church. The Wednesday before Xmas I went caroling with some members of my church, my group of carolers went to an assisted living/nursing home and got to sing to a lot of members of our church who have a hard time getting out and about. It felt so good to see the joy on their faces, and also was kind of eye-opening since none of the elder generation in my family has had to go to any facilities yet.

Then on Friday, I signed up to go bell-ringing for Salvation Army - again through church. I thought it was just gonna be me and Buddy, but an older couple from church that I idolize came with, and I talked my dad into coming, and one of my girls from the B&G Club met us there... and that was awesome too! We sang carols in 4-part harmony (which always makes me happy), we made a lot of money for the Salvation Army, and afterwards my dad, Buddy, and I went out to dinner with that couple I love and had some great conversation.

And that was all BEFORE Christmas! Christmas Eve we went bowling with Buddy's dad's side of the family, which was fun. Buddy's grandma from that side made us a scrapbook type thing on shutterfly which was absolutely amazing!
Then also on Christmas Eve we went to 2 church services, one at 5pm which Buddy got to participate in and one at 10pm where my dad and I sang in the choir. Oh, and we also fit in a quick stop at my grandparent's house!

On Christmas Day we went over to my mom's house and had a delicious brunch.

I got a lot of great presents, and so did Buddy, but our favorites so far are a new camera (Mom) and a pillow pet (Buddy)! This year we didn't have much money to spare on gifts, so I had to struggle not to feel guilty receiving nice things... I just had to keep reminding myself that when I give, I don't do it expecting something in return, so hopefully my family and friends feel the same way.

Anyway, XMAS WAS GREAT and now I'm almost done with Buddy's vacation week. Next week he goes back to school, then a few weeks later I start up again... but I'm enjoying the free time till then!
My boys! Before I figured out how to use the flash on my new camera.

Buddy with his pillow pet

Super cool hot wheels track!

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