Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years!

Honestly guys, I was NOT excited for New Years. I really just wanted to lay around and watch movies in my pajamas!
But my friend wanted to get out of her house, and Buddy was excited, so I sucked it up and tried to have a good time. And I think we succeeded, especially considering we decided what to do pretty much on the fly.

So, what we did:

In bubble letters it says "Happy New Years"

We made placemats while we were waiting for our dinner to be ready :)

We cooked some delicious chicken, potatoes, and broccoli (not too interesting, but we wanted to be sure Buddy would eat!) And there was pudding made specially by Buddy for dessert.

Lastly, there was sparking grape juice and "grown up" grape juice while we watched the ball drop. Which we did on the computer, at about 9:45, since Buddy was tired and so were we!

Anyway, it was a fun, chill New Years. I really enjoy these type of nights best now, I feel like a boring old person but I really wouldn't have wanted to go out to a crazy club tonight, I liked just being with people I enjoy and having a good time much more.

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