Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Closet!

My landlord is finally finishing my Buddy's closet! He started building a closet in Buddy's room (which used to be just a "bonus room") before we moved in, and worked on it a few times after we were here.

Then, after not hearing from him (except for paying him my rent every month!) since October, he randomly called me on Tuesday! So he came over yesterday and put in doors, then today came over again and took them off to finish up the trim! Anyway, it's not complete quite yet, but hopefully Buddy will soon have a real closet and we'll be able to store toys and things in there rather than in stacks against the walls :)

Other than that, School started this week but it hasn't been TOO bad yet. I've been spending more time with friends, which I thought would be good for me but I'm not sure yet if it helps or just makes me feel resentful. Which is a lame way to feel, because my friends deserve good things, and easy things... and they certainly have their own issues to deal with. Depression/anxiety makes me selfish, I guess.


Speaking of, I feel like I can fight off the depression, but the anxiety is never ending. Today I had a panic attack because I didn't understand a 4-point assignment and only got 2 out of 4 points. That's me being a perfectionist (I calculated that I could only miss 20 points this semester and still be sure of an A) and also me being nuts, because the assignment was about being capable of using the computer program so since I'm obviously not getting it, I can probably just go in to my teacher and get help and get it fixed.

Guys, please help me monitor my levels of crazy. I thought I needed to talk to a Dr. about my depression, but suddenly that seems at least a little more maneagable, it's just the anxiety which is crippling. But how can I be sure that next week they won't flip-flop again?

I swear, this weekend Buddy and I will do fun things. And I will post about fun things. And no rambling about my confused brain.

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