Saturday, January 28, 2012

DIY Insanity!

OK, so tonight Buddy went to bed at 7pm, which he totally needed to do since we've had a really busy week and no one has gotten enough sleep. Which led me into a wasted hour on Pinterest, and I somehow decided that it was completely vital for me to make an earring holder IMMEDIATELY!

So, I did.
I used a hideous old picture frame, some paint, modge podge, and tissue paper.

Oh, and also fishnet tights, which I forgot to include in my "before" shot!

So I 'Modge Podge'd the frame of the picture with tissue paper, and also painted the backing from the frame.  I love modge podge, since it's basically impossible to screw up! I didn't really plan out my project before I started making it (I'm too impulsive with crafts, it's a flaw) so I wish I had picked better colors but:

Here is the frame and the backing, crafted with my elementary school skills :)
My camera ran out of batteries in the middle here, and I kinda forgot that my phone could take pictures, so I didn't document the rest of it... but next I cut off a foot from the fishnets, then fed the backing of the frame into the foot. I pulled it up so I could fold the ends over the back, and tucked them into/around those hook things that keep the backing in the frame. Seriously, a picture here would have been awesome... oh well.

Anyway, then I put the backing back into the frame, and hung the thing in my bathroom! I hooked it on one of those 3M sticky hooks, since I don't actually trust myself to pound a nail into a wall unsupervised (my father says he'll teach me one of these days...)

Anyway, I hung the earrings into the fishnets, and now my earrings are all see-able and cute rather than jumbled into a box on a shelf! I'm pretty proud of myself :)

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