Monday, January 9, 2012

You know what happens when you're lonely and depressed and your only social interaction (even if it's your child) goes away? You sleep. A lot. And other than that you do dishes. But not laundry, or any real cleaning (sweeping, mopping, my nightmare bedroom) because that might take work. And that would be bad.

So sorry for no posts since my depressing one last week. Tomorrow I've been "contracted" to take pictures of my mom and her boyfriend for some play thing they made up and are trying to get hired to perform, which I guess is fine.

It bugs me that I'm feeling cruddy, because I want my son to go hang out with his dad. I suggest it constantly! And obviously, it's not his job to entertain me. And obviously, I want my time alone. But it turns out I only want about a day and a half alone, and then my baby should come home or I feel yucky.

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