Friday, December 16, 2011

Work Update

I just wanted to quickly post about my job here, because I think last time I wrote I was sort of negative. I think I'm finally finding my groove, finally starting to be accepted by the kids and understand my place in the whole scheme of things!
I'm running the art program, like I said, but that's really just an excuse to get kids to do SOMETHING, anything. Because honestly, with no space to display artwork, and no specific art room it's tough to motivate the kids to feel like there's a point in making anything.
But the kids (I should really stop calling them "kids", they are all at least 12) like to hang out with me now, and so they come do activities just because I'm running them, and I'm worming my way into lots of different groups of friends, so I feel like I can sit down with anyone and they will want to talk to me which is awesome :)
Anyway, I'm feeling like I'm sort of important, kids look forward to seeing me and talking with me, and I hope I'm making a difference!
So this is all good, and it makes it much easier to go to work every day now that I feel like there is a point to what I'm doing. I hope it continues to go this well!

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