Friday, February 1, 2013

How We Named Our Son...

Working at the Boys and Girls Club means I am constantly meeting new kids/teens who are sometimes totally enamored of my life. They want to know everything about me, and once I mention I have a child they also want to know everything about him!

Once I tell them his name is Shiloh, they immediately want to know "Like the book/movie about the dog?" or for the more pop culture aware "Like Angelina Jolie's daughter that she dresses like a boy?"

So, just to set the record straight, because I have explained this too many times:

  • Shiloh comes from the Hebrew "shalom", so the name means peace. That is basically why we chose it.
  • Yes, it's ironic that there was a bloody battle at a town called Shiloh
  • No, it's not a made-up name. It's in the old testament of the Bible.
  • No it is not a "traditional indian name". I don't even know where you came up with that.
  • No it's not a girl name. It could maybe be unisex, but it was used mostly for males in the past.
  • Yes I am aware that there is a movie about a cute dog named Shiloh. Actually, it was a book first. Yes, it was a good book, but no we did not name our son after a dog.
This may sound like a scolding post. When thinking of names for my unborn child, I really tried to pick one that wasn't too "out there" but since I've gotten tons of grief for it anyway, my next child is going to be named Joe. Or Mary. Most normal names EVER!

Have you gotten any grief for the names you chose for your children? How do you deal?

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