Thursday, March 15, 2012

Slow Speed.

It's been a slow few weeks. Not necessarily in my life, but definitely for blog fodder. Buddy and I have just been trying to stick to the status quo, trying to keep ourselves going in the pre-spring-break doldrums.

Last weekend I went up to the cottage with some cousins, but it ended up being not as replenishing as I had hoped. They were all in "relax" mode, while I was in "rejuvenate" mode which didn't match up. And I ended up showing up a day late because of the funeral, and all the cousins that showed up happened to be sisters. It made it difficult for me to try to get what I needed out of the weekend, since everyone else had a completely different weekend in mind.

Also my anxiety has been nuts. I'm taking the new med like I'm supposed to, but so far it hasn't helped much. Tomorrow will be my first day on the highest dose, so hopefully after another week or so something will get better. Noreen Salzman has been amazing in the last few weeks, especially since dealing with death has created all new triggers for anxiety attacks and such. She's helping me deal with the symptoms once they arrive, and we're hoping to find a medication that helps take the symptoms from daily-hourly to maybe just weekly. Which would be awesome.

Buddy is desperate for a break, school and activities have exhausted him. So it's really good that he's going to take a "spring break" with his dad this next few days, he'll get to be with him through Wednesday!

And in a few weeks I have my own spring break, so hopefully after Buddy and I have our times to recharge we'll be better capable of dealing with the time until summer!

Dude, I can't wait for summer.

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