Sunday, July 29, 2012


I was planning on having a really relaxing week with Buddy this week. But instead, we ended up going out and doing things like every day! We had friends over, rode horses, went swimming, went to concerts, participated in artwork...

But of course, I have no pictures. So please accept my apology for that, and as a peace offering I give you: crappy pictures I took on my phone in the last few months!

How I found Buddy sleeping a few nights ago.

Buddy taking good care of "his" horse, Dolly

Painting a door at the 400 block!

Riding Dolly

More riding Dolly, that's my friend Amber who is helping him :)

Buddy loves his uncle.

And his grandpa.


  1. You make me smile. You are a wonderful mother.

    1. Thanks! I try to make things special for us, even if they're just everyday moments :) Next time sign your name so I can know who's giving me lovely compliments!