Friday, July 20, 2012

Up, Up, and Away!

As I've mentioned, I looooove Pinterest! And so when I saw this super awesome jet pack, I obviously wanted to make it for Buddy immediately.

Of course, as with all spur of the moment crafts, I didn't have ANY of the right supplies, so we improvised!
We used:
1 cereal box
2 toilet paper tubes
red and yellow tissue paper
aluminum foil
shoelaces (not shown)
and bottle tops.

So first we covered the cereal box with aluminum foil, and punched holes in the box to string the shoelace "straps" through.

Next we "foiled" the toilet paper tubes, made tissue paper "flames", and taped them onto the bottom of the box.

You could just leave it like this, but Buddy wanted buttons on his jet pack, which is where the bottle caps came in. Luckily I save stuff like that all the time, so we had enough for his design!

Anyway, this probably took us 1/2 an hour, and has provided tons of fun since! Did you know that jet packs are excellent tools to break out of jail? Especially if the mean Mommy Sheriff is keeping you there for no good reason, just twist a knob and BLAST OFF!


  1. That's a pretty awesome idea... looks like you guys had fun with it!


  2. This is awesome! I wonder if the jet-pack will lift me off the ground. :).