Sunday, July 1, 2012

Up North!

You guys all know I love my cottage. Like, seriously, would stay up there all summer if possible. Well, the last two weekends I've gotten to live that dream!

Last weekend my Buddy was hanging with his dad, so I went up with 2 of my girl friends which was AMAZING. I don't often get a chance to hang out without worry in a place that I love with people that I love, so it was seriously great! We played on the lake a whole bunch (and got stuck a few times in different boats), drank some lovely girly drinks, giggled until my sides hurt, cooked delicious food for every meal... of course the batteries on my camera died as soon as we got up north, so I have no pictures of this event, but trust me it was lovely!!!

And then this weekend, for a completely different experience, I took Buddy up. I had an appointment with my anxiety counselor on Friday morning, but Buddy, my dad, and I all left shortly after my session. We got up north to find out that some cousins were still up, so Buddy got to play with a cousin that he sees all the time (L), and one that lives far away but we wish we could visit more (E)!

My dad was suffering from having some serious oral surgery, so our day was very relaxing. We went for a pontoon ride and just relaxed :) 

In the morning we all felt rested, So Bud and I got in the lake and played around for a while! Of course, since I'm the photographer of the family, there aren't any pictures of us playing "Island War" (each person takes a tube, gets a squirt cannon and ATTACKS!!!!) or of us surfing the waves, but use your imagination because it was so much fun!

It's nice for me to get the chance to goof off with Buddy. This is sort of a failing of mine, that when we're home together I tend to think of all the things that I need to get accomplished and sometimes I neglect basic playtime with my son. But I hope this weekend made up for it!

Anyway, I will stop being so wordy and just let the pictures speak:
Buddy learned how to kayak...

...with Grandpa's help of course!

Buddy and E (and both our families) went on a tour of a mine!

Buddy thought the machinery was really cool!

Mama thought the mine was cool!

Anyway, we basically had an amazing time and I loved every second! Can't wait to go back up in 2 weeks!

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