Sunday, June 24, 2012

Underwater Adventures

So, I looooooove Pinterest. It is my absolute favorite, and I get lots of good ideas for things to do with Buddy from it.

There was this one picture that I found where kids laid down in chalk drawings and then interacted with the pictures, and it was AMAZING!

Anyway, we decided to do the same sort of thing, but with our own twist! Buddy didn't want me to draw the scene and plan it for him, so he picked out what he wanted the scene to be, and helped draw it, and then kept adding and changing it as we went along. It was SOOO much more fun than I had anticipated, and he was so pumped about it, and I think it turned out pretty great!
(Especially since I didn't realize till too late that you kinda have to be up on a ladder to take a picture from this angle, so I had to just hold my camera above my head and shoot blind!)

 The first picture we took, Buddy wants me to point out "Gary the Snail" in the left bottom corner. He's pretty proud of his drawing skills here!

 It was almost as much fun to edit these pictures as it was to take them, since Buddy was really into trying out all sorts of effects and styles! Yay for Picasa making editing easy :)

This pic is included cuz Buddy wants you to know that those houses at the top are the cottages: Grandma Betty's is on the left, the other is on the right!

I love this one the most, since Buddy got so into it! Look, he's even holding his breath "underwater"!

We've been really crafty recently, so expect more craft posts in the next couple of weeks!


  1. Haha this is awesome. Looks like Buddy had a whole lot of fun taking these pics !