Saturday, June 9, 2012

50/50 Mama

I don't know if I posted this, but Buddy's dad requested that we split time this summer.

WHICH IS GREAT, don't get me wrong! I  love that Buddy is getting to spend some serious guy time with his dad (especially at a time where I had just started worrying that I couldn't substitute anymore!!) And I think Buddy is loving it too.

Seriously, you should HEAR him gush about how awesome it is to play soccer with Dad, and watch movies with Dad...

And seriously. I promise I'm not being all controlling, OK? Because when he shows me his lunchbox packed with a cereal bar (full of sugar), a PB&J sandwich (full of sugar), pudding (full of sugar), and cookies (full of sugar) and then says "Mom, look! If you had packed me my lunch I would NEVER have gotten so much yummy food!"....

All I said was "Yeah, I probably wouldn't have. So aren't you lucky you get to be around your dad so much this summer? You get all sorts of nice treats!"

Because you know what?  He's right in that I wouldn't have packed that kind of lunch. But also, I might not have run around with him all day like his dad. And I don't usually get the chance to cook a healthy dinner for Buddy (because he's always with a babysitter because of my work schedule), so he probably ends up eating just as badly at my house!!

This is something I'm working on (struggling with) learning! I'm so used to being in charge of Buddy's care that it's hard for me to accept that just because Buddy's dad has a different way of dealing with things doesn't automatically mean he's wrong!

So... Buddy's dad and I are planning on splitting custody pretty much 50/50 this summer! Which, theoretically, is awesome! And I'm going to try to remember that! Buddy is 5 1/2 now, and we've never split time before, so I'm nervous.
Basically, my anxiety (surprise) is freaking out and I want to control every move his dad makes. Even though his dad is doing fine on his own! God, help me remember that my son was born from 2 parents, and both of us have worthwhile lessons to impart on our son!

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