Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer So Far...

The summer has barely started. And we're making an effort to have lots of fun! Especially since I feel like I'm not seeing my son enough, I'm trying to make sure the time we spend together is"quality time", not just watching movies or playing computer games. So:

We've gone to the Splash Pad a whole bunch, since it's only a few blocks away (so we can walk) and it's only $.50 to get in (so we can afford it!)

Buddy has loved it so far, it's a nice way to spend a warm afternoon without having to organize any sort of "event". Of course, I definitely WANT to take Buddy to some fun pools this summer, but this is always a good backup!

Buddy has been kicking some major butt in soccer, to the point where he's dominating the soccer field. So I've been having him play goalie a lot (since as the coach, I don't want my son to be the "star" of the team... so cliche!)

Except, of course, he's great at being a goalie too!! So, it seems my son is quite good at the soccer stuff. Hooray for talent! Now we just have to work on sportsmanship/teamwork, which I don't honestly expect from any kid Buddy's age, so I feel like I don't have to feel guilty till next season!

Anyway, I'm planning all sorts of fun kiddo things this summer. And with luck, I'll even remember to blog about them!

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