Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Here Come the Waterworks!

So, it's been really hot and miserable in our neck of the woods lately. Like, 90 degrees and ALSO 80% humidity, every day. Which, obviously, means it's time to check out the local pools, ASAP.

Anyway. So I've always driven Buddy 15 minutes away to a fancy "aquatic center" that's sort of expensive and not really worth it. But this year, I realized that there are actually quite a few decent pools within a few minutes of me, and they each only cost $1 per person!

So today, we checked out Schulenburg Pool. It was perfect for us! Not too crowded, a shallow end deep enough for decent swimming, but shallow enough that Buddy could touch if he got nervous, a slide, and a diving board! Pretty good for just $1.

right after going down the slide!

mid jump!

we're cute!

he's ridiculous.

this is only included so you notice the guy making faces in the back.

Coming up for air!

We did a cool project today too, but I'm going to save that for another post :)

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  1. Shiloh's grandpa and siblings grew up at Schulenberg Pool swimming on the swim team.