Monday, November 5, 2012

... you look like a monkey, and smell like one too!

The last week of October/first week of November is always a stressful one around these parts! It means that we have to do Halloween and Birthday within a span of 3 days, which is always tough on everyone.

So, Buddy decided (much later than usual, since he usually picks out his Halloween costumes by mid-summer) that he wanted to be a vampire. And it was really fun, since he was super excited about the accent and the fake teeth, and he kept fake biting everyone which was hilarious.

Also hilarious was the fact that there are apparently no fake vampire teeth that come in children's sizes. At all. So this was his face the whole time he wore the teeth! Also also hilarious, trying to spray paint a squirmy blonde kid's hair black. As you can see, it SORTA worked. Also also also hilarious, trying to put makeup on a squirmy kid. Anyway, the whole thing was just funny!

We went with his new "best friend" from school and the best friend's father. And oh man, that family is a whole 'nother blog post, because I'm having some serious issues with clinginess (theirs) and I don't know how to get out of it all! But again, that's for another day.

After Halloween (a measly 3 days after) comes Buddy's birthday, so he decided he wanted a costume party so he could wear his costume again. And I got all perfectionist-y and decided I had to have all sorts of fall themed treats, and fancy cupcakes, and cutesy organized activities for the kids...

None of which I needed to do. The kids showed up (sort of) in costume, then proceeded to run around the backyard playing "good guys vs. bad guys" and chaining each other to trees for the majority of the party. None of my preplanned activities happened at all! Basically, the kids ran around outside, the grown-ups sat inside drinking beer and gossiping, and great fun was had by all. Never again am I stressing that much about the perfect themed treats, since it obviously doesn't matter AT ALL!
The "vampire cupcakes" that Buddy begged for got finished literally 5 minutes AFTER the first guest arrived :)

Nice picture of the boys

Obligatory silly picture

Birthday presents! You have to wear the hat if you want to open the presents :)

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