Monday, February 20, 2012

Put 2 Introverts in a Room...

Ok, it was my birthday last weekend, and I'm totally going to write a post about going out with my awesome friends (spoiler, we went to a drag show! Hilarious.) but since I'm feeling sick today I'm just gonna give you a short post about being crafty again.

So, since Buddy was gone at his dad's all weekend, I basically spent the whole time with my favorite friend Molly! We went shopping on Saturday morning, and noticed a lot of jewelry that looked like this:
$8 from Forever 21

$14 from Maurices

So clearly, we decided we could make these ourselves! We went home and dug through our various crafting supplies, and came up with some beads and string. First attempt:
I made this one out of beads from a tacky old bracelet, interspersed with some turquoise beads Molly had laying around. It was fine, but we wanted to do more!

So we ran off to Michael's (craft store) and stocked up on some other beads, clasps, and charms (just for fun). Next bracelet made:
The darker green one. See how this time it has nice clasps at the ends? And I like the beads a lot more, but I still used some light turquoise ones so it could match the first bracelet if I wanted to wear them together :)


This one was just for fun, since I had found these cute elephant charms on sale and had no clue what to do with them! So I just braided them into 2 bracelets, tied the bracelets together, and added clasps at the ends. I might re-do this one if I get inspired, but for right now it's fine.

Anyway, those 3 bracelets cost me about $6 (since we had some of the supplies at home) and gave us something to do for the better part of an afternoon! Love it.

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