Saturday, February 11, 2012

Umphrey's, and Soccer, and Rock-Climbing, and Bike Riding, and...

So there has been lots of stuff going on, and I just realized that I haven't filled my faithful blog readers in on it!

Ok. So last weekend we went to Minneapolis for a mini-vacation! I went to an Umphrey's concert with my brother:

Which was awesome and great and all, and I loved dancing and screaming and watching some sick guitar solo's... but I also got super anxious and claustrophobic and we ended up having to leave shortly after the second set started. Which was still OK, because I had a good time and left before I would have had a horrible time, so it all worked out. Still, next time I'm gonna make it through the whole thing!

We also went to a dinner-theatre production of Hairspray, and Buddy had a sleepover with Uncle Dave which sounds like it was super fun! Unfortunately I don't have that many pictures, since my batteries died leaving me with only a crappy camera phone. URGH.

Anyway, this week was kind of good weather, so we did a bunch of playing outside. We drew a road with chalk again, and this time we put buildings on it and made into a city! It was really fun, but of course it snowed heavily the next day so all our hard work washed away.
Soccer has also been going on, this year Buddy is much more focused and has a little more motor control so he's taking it very seriously and is having a pretty good time!
Look at that kick!

Playing defense!
And last but not least, he tried the rock-climbing wall today! I was kind of surprised that he had the guts to do it, because sometimes new things kind of paralyze him... but even though he was nervous he sucked it up! He even climbed up twice :) Uncle Dave, now you know what you can do with him next time we come down to visit!

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  1. Grandma Lynn was very proud and glad to be there. Great pictures.