Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm promising to post cheerful, lovely, Buddy-related things tomorrow.

Because I got ridiculous this week and begged my daddy to let me come stay in my childhood bedroom, where for some reason I decided I would be able to sleep. And I did!!!! 2 nights of 6+ hours of sleep, it feels amazing and I have energy and today I drove in my car and was listening to music at the same time and actually sang along and enjoyed it and I wasn't worried about driving!!!

So Buddy and I are going to enjoy our Earth Day celebration tomorrow, we're going to have a fun playdate with one of his good friends, then tomorrow night I'm going to get together with one of my friends who I haven't seen in FOREVER (Amber, you live only 1/2 hour away, going 2 months apart is not acceptable!) and it's all gonna be great!

( long as I sleep tonight. Which I'm not worrying about, since I know that makes it worse, I'm not even thinking about it, I swear...)

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