Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Y'all, I'm tired.

I started this blog thinking I'd be more accessible. That my friends and family who live out-of-state or who just aren't in constant contact with me could keep up with what was going on in my life.

That said, I also made a conscious decision to keep my blog light-hearted. To talk about all the fun that Buddy and I have, all the great things in our life. And I hoped that people would want to hear, that people would be interested in finding out about how we made our unconventional life completely comfortable.

Except. As I go through statistics, the posts that get read the most are the ones where I'm a whiney, tired, lazy bitch. People like to hear that I'm struggling. People love a challenge. But people (at least the ones who read here) don't love to offer words of encouragement, to support, to empathize... I can get 100 people to read my posts and not one comment.

I'm tired. My personal health isn't that great right now, and it's affecting how I act towards others. I don't have the energy to fake cheerfulness anymore. I barely have the energy to do my dishes. I certainly don't have the energy to write, post pictures, and share my life. Especially with voyeurs who apparently enjoy my suffering but don't want to offer me any strength.

This blog is going offline. I don't think too many people will mind, and I hope to come back stronger, healthier, and happier than before. Buddy is doing great, and will continue to thrive thanks to the support of some close friends and family.

I look forward to being in a better place where I can write - and enjoy the process of writing - again. Until then, I hope things go well for all of you! And I hope you wish the same for me :)

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  1. Hey girl! If blogging doesn't make you happy, you should not feel like you have to do it! I like keeping up with you and Buddy, and it just makes me smile to see some of the pictures and fun stuff you do. I think he will really get a kick out of looking back at this stuff, too. But only do it if YOU enjoy it and feel rewarded by it.