Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day---ish?

Okay, anyone who is still reading... so pictures didn't EXACTLY happen right after my fun day on Saturday. But... that's because I had so much fun I didn't have time to stop and take pictures! (Also I had so much fun I was exhausted and pretty much couldn't function for a good half a day!)

So on Saturday (not exactly Earth Day, but as close as 4 families could get in their schedules...) one of my few mommy friends organized an Earth Day clean-up of Memorial Park, which is a lovely park that apparently gets really trashed quite often. Buddy and I went, and really enjoyed ourselves! Buddy got to go garbage hunting with his friend:

And of course, they happened to find the most amusing item of the clean-up! They found an *ahem* ADULT movie. And then his friend brought it to me so I could read him the title, in case he wanted to watch it! OHMYGOSH I about died. And quickly hid the nude-picture filled case from inquisitive eyes. In the garbage bag.

Anyway, after that fun adventure, the boys eventually lost interest in picking up trash. Turns out, the park wasn't that messy this year! Which is good, but also in a weird way totally a let-down. When you want to do a good deed and it turns out to be unnecessary, it makes you feel a little bummed!

So obviously, the boys turned to playing ninjas.
(my kid is the one doing the grafity-defying leap!)

After that, we had a cook out with all the families, and I really got to meet some other parents who think like me (which is amazing) and don't judge me for my age (even more amazing)! I left feeling totally refreshed and happy, and also pretty sunburned.

But sunburn be damned, because I had promised another good friend I would go out that night! So I dropped the kiddo at Grandpa's house, and went out to listen to my friend's dad's band. (That's a weird sentence to write.) We danced for hours and hours and I was so exhausted but had such a good time!

Anyway, long story short, I socialized this weekend. And I didn't freak out (much... except for at the end of the band show thingy) and I enjoyed myself, and Buddy got to hang out with friends! And I hope this is the start of things looking up for me. I really hope it is!!!

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