Sunday, September 16, 2012

School is in session

Buddy started Kindergarten this year! It was a big deal. He is so proud to be going to a big-kid school, he loves that we walk there together every morning, and he is really hoping to learn new stuff SOON.

So far, he takes after his mother in schooling. It's only been a week of school, and he's already bored and has decided that I need to teach him at home, since he "already knows everything at school". Which is making me feel troubled, because I went back and forth between keeping him at Montessori or sending him on to regular school just because of that.

I remember being a Kindergarten-er and absolutely HATING school. My most distinct memory of it is that it was around Valentine's Day (so over halfway through the year) and our project for the week was cutting out hearts from construction paper, then writing the letters of the alphabet, in order, on them. I was pissed. I had known my alphabet for like 2 years already at that point, I was reading chapter books, and I was supposed to waste my time cutting out hearts and writing letters on them?

Anyway, I'm refusing to make any judgements on my schooling decision yet, as it's only been one week with his classroom (the first week of school all the Kindergarteners were together). But I really hope that there is some system the school has in place for kids like Buddy, because I don't want him to be frustrated and hating school like I was.

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