Sunday, August 26, 2012

I wish "hectic" wasn't the norm!

I was going to write a post here talking about how busy I've been since I finished summer session for college.

I've picked up a bunch of extra hours at work, I volunteered to help run a Vacation Bible School with my church, I took Buddy camping, and I am trying to get this next semester of school organized (WAY harder than it sounds, apparently most of my classes are only offered at night and... umm... that doesn't work for me).

But then I realized that this is my life! I don't know what I would do if I wasn't crazy busy and stressed all the time, and past experience shows that instead of going to the gym or reorganizing my closet, I would probably play Angry Birds in my pajamas all day. Or maybe watch an entire season of a cheesy CW soap.

Anyway, I have off until Tuesday, at which time I have 3 days of really intense training for the BGC and then on Friday have a meeting about the training. Immediately after the training I am leaving on my big vacation for the summer, my friends and I are going to Jackpine Jamboree which is going to be AWESOME and then immediately after that I start school again.

Hello, crazy schedule, I've missed you!

Also, just so this post isn't empty of pics, this is what it looks like when I inflict my scheduling issues on my son:

This is what happens when I overschedule my buddy. I should know this by now.

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