Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blogging Edicate

Unwritten Rules Of Blogging:

1) Take pictures. Lots of pictures. People don't want to read posts with no pictures.

2) Make sure to be very crafty. If you are not, it means you are not a good mom.

3) Publicize yourself. Who cares if you're only writing this to have a record of this time in your life? Maybe you can make money off of ads or something, so it's totally worth it to pimp yourself out online.

4) Never write anything unflattering about anyone in your life. Every person that is in your life must be amazing, and even if they aren't... you must lie. It's unacceptable to write the truth if that truth might maybe injure someone's feelings.

5) Never write anything about being unhappy. Unless you can somehow make it "meaningful" or put a happy ending on it.

Follow all these rules, and someday you may have one or more comments on each painstakingly written blog entry, more than 10 people who "follow" you online, and you could even get a book deal. Ya know. Because that happens often.

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