Monday, August 6, 2012

Manicure Monday, part 2

This is still a bunch of old nail designs, I've done some cool things to my short nails recently but I figured I'd wait to post those until I (inevitably) get behind :)

This started as sort of a french manicure, I wanted to do the gray with silver tips. But it turned out looking really not cute, so I added more stripes of silver, then I added random pinkish dots... I think overall it worked!

Ooh, and this one was done when my nails were still short, but look how cool! I made a bumble-bee themed manicure! Also, please realize that this picture is of my LEFT hand, and I am left handed. so this is pretty impressive, since I was doing the design with my non-dominant hand! (Ok, truth be told I really screwed up the bee on my other hand, so I just used this hand since it was easy, but still!)

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