Sunday, August 5, 2012


YOU GUYS. I usually post stuff here that's pretty self-centered, things about myself and my kid. Which, duh, is fine because that's the point of blogging... it's like a journal except you don't care if people read it.

And I'm never sure what my exact demographics are, I don't know if the 60 or so people who read my posts are friends, family, random strangers who find me engaging... and I don't usually care!

But today, I want EVERYONE to read this post. Because I'm writing about my daddy. And he ROCKS.

My dad is a pretty cool guy. He's smart, funny, musical, athletic... and most important to me, he is always there when I need him. So, this year he turned 50. And my little brother and I tried to do something special for him, but our family (who are all horrible procrastinators, as we are) didn't respond as we'd expected and so our awesome "50 letters for 50 years" plan that we tried for like 6 months to achieve ended up being like "23 letters for 50 years" which was still nice, but not as awesome.

But it doesn't matter at all! Because my dad, being the most awesome person ever, decided that as his present to himself for hitting half-a-century, he would participate in a triathlon.
After he swam half a mile!

Getting ready for the bike portion!

Here's my crazy cool pops (with "great posture") starting out the run!

AND HE WAS AWESOME. I'm not sure what his time was, I'm not sure how many people he beat, but YOU GUYS. My father, who turned 50 this year, swam a half-mile. After that, he biked 17 miles. AND THEN, ran a 5K.

And he finished running, with a smile on his face, in less than 2 hours! While I sat on the sidelines, not sure I could even do one part of the race. My pops is an inspiration, and it's lame to admit but every time he finished one event and moved on to the next I got all teary-eyed and was trying really hard to be not a sappy lady but he's pretty awesome. Anyway, watch him finish the race! This is after almost 2 hours of hardcore physical labor, and look at how he's actually running! (I would be limping slowly across the finish line, if I managed to get through it at all...)

So, seriously, click the link to watch him finish the entire triathlon! (Only because I can't figure out how to get it transferred nicely onto this page which is pissing me off, but I really want everyone to see him cross the finish line...)

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