Friday, October 19, 2012

Last Minute Crafting :)

What do you do when your kid (probably looking to stall bedtime) starts BEGGING to do art with you?


I had no time to come up with anything good, so I just had him take white crayon and draw a pumpkin picture ("Push REALLY hard, Buddy! It's OK if you break the crayon this time!") and then we painted over it with watercolors.

Quick, easy, not very messy, and turned out cute! What more could a girl ask for :)

Drawing the 'secret picture'

Adding the first colors (I think it's hilarious that he was wearing his blanket on his head at this point!)

Starting to see the picture!

He takes after his mommy, and he's OBSESSED with his 'new' camera from Uncle Ryan!

Anyway, super easy, a great craft to do after a long week so we could unwind and have some fun without too much stress. I like it.
And I think he did too!

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