Thursday, July 28, 2011

Phone Photos

Because I've been so busy and haven't been at home, what with the computer issues and now the car that almost blew up... Oh, I didn't mention that? Yeah. My car almost blew up. Needless to say I'm not driving it anymore. And now am car-less for the moment. Awesome.
Anyway, I know I've been full of excuses for missed posts recently, but I really do plan to update at least twice a week and it just never happens.
So, since I'm too tired and crabby from cramming 10 extra hours of work, plus tons of extra schoolwork into this week, I'm just gonna phone it in. Literally.
Here are pictures from my cell phone! Enjoy.

I had dreadlocks in this picture! You can't really tell, but they were awesome. I miss them, even though they were stinky, itchy, and impractical.

Buddy and Uncle Davey!

Buddy's knight costume. Courtesy of Grandpa. Pretty sweet.

His costume for his first play ever! It was the play The Curious Savage, which is great. He played John Thomas, a doll which a delusional but sweet woman thinks is her son. (There was also a doll who played John Thomas, but I think my kiddo did much better!)

This has nothing to do with anything. My mother made this delicious reuben sandwich, that was almost too beautiful to eat!

Buddy's 4th birthday. Obvs.

He loves his uncle!

Rocking out!

The end for today. No worries, I saved some more for later in case of further writers/life blocks!

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