Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Update! (Finally)

So I finally got my pictures uploaded, and thought I would update everyone on our trip to Ohio. My Uncle Paul got married a few weeks ago, and lots of family traveled down to the wedding! I took the 11-hour drive with my dad, my Buddy, my cousin Korrin and her 5-year-old son.

We decided to make the drive through the night, hoping that it would let the kids sleep through most of the drive, since we were all crammed into my dad's SUV, which was not a very comfortable fit. 

This last picture is my favorite, it was taken around dawn while Shiloh was still sleepy. He didn't want the light to get into his eyes!
My dad and I stayed up the whole night, and ended up in political debates. Just FYI, it's not a great idea to try to have political arguments after being awake for more then 24 hours. Ridiculous!
We got to Ohio around 7 am, ate some breakfast and then drove to stay with family. I immediately crashed in the next available bed, and passed out for about 5 hours. I guess the kids went to the park or something, but I was way too tired to care!
We spent the night with my Aunt Vickie, who fed us and took care of us (and for free! Way better than a hotel!) but then ended up at a hotel for the next few nights.
My poor kiddo was so sleep deprived for the whole trip that he crashed every time we were in the car for more than 5 minutes. Also, who knew that if you put 2 boys together non-stop for 5 days that they would fight like cats and dogs? Oh right, sane people. Well, I forgot, and the boys drove each other INSANE!
Here Shiloh is about to cry because Payton smucked him in the face.
Here Shiloh is about to throw a fit because Payton pinched him with the "claw toys".
This is the theme of the weekend, one of the boys throwing a fit about something the other did! It was a lot of fun too, I love getting together with family! So here are some pictures of us just partying!

Buddy's doing the worm. It's pretty wicked.

Anyway, after 4 days of tons of fun and almost no sleep, we had to attempt the 11-hour drive back home.
Took 20 minutes. Tops!

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