Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mommy days :(

Just so you all know, I'm going insane. I haven't seen my Buddy since last Friday, and that is way too long! Ok, I know he's at his grandparents cottage with his dad and all, and he's having a great time and I'm sure not even missing me at all. But I'm going nuts! I thought I would really enjoy having time to spend with friends, and I have gone out and about and seen some people that I really wanted to catch up with, but...

I need my sweet boy to come jump up on my lap and give me a spur-of-the-moment kiss, "just cuz I love you, Mama". 

I need to play silly word games and have ridiculous-insult contests! "Buddy, you goofy-head! "Mama, you're a... a... shoe head!" "Oh yeah? Well you're a bike head!"

I need to give my sweaty, sleeping boy a kiss on the forehead and sing him "I'll love you forever", which he never believes I do since he's always hardcore asleep :)

I need to go outside and play "pirate ship" with our patio, I even promise I'll be the shark without complaining this time!

I miss my Buddy.

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