Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One Great Moment

So, it's been a crazy stressful week. I started school, moved into a new apartment, am still trying to power clean the old apartment (by tomorrow night), we had orientation for Buddy's first real school tonight, and he starts in like a day and a half.

But. After running all over the place today: going to babysitters, then babysitting in exchange, then cleaning cleaning cleaning until past his bedtime, I decided that we should take a walk in the dark to wind down from the crazy day/week/month.

I now happen to live on a street with streetlights, and it happened to be drizzling. Not hard enough that a walk was unpleasant, just hard enough to make me break into "Singing in the Rain" while dancing on the light-posts (because I'm cool that way). And my dramatic, athletic, creative son got totally into it! I guess he had never heard the song before, so he made up his own version which pretty much rocked. We danced and sang out way to exhaustion. It was a great way to end a crazy night, a wonderful moment that I hope I can remember in all the stress that comes at me daily.

I've been bad at posting pictures lately, because my life has been too busy for "capturing moments". But I am still gonna take pictures of the new apartment, I'm being slow about it only for dorky reasons. (I'm trying to mathematically calculate how to take the fewest pictures and show the most area. It's calculus. I know, I'm ridiculous!)

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