Monday, August 8, 2011

All's Fair in Love...

So, every year in Wausau we have this lovely tradition, the Wisconsin Valley Fair. As my mother often says, "The fair is when the toothless people climb out of the gutter for their once-yearly view of the sun," congregate on a gravel path, and spend way too much money on greasy food and overpriced rides.

Obviously, this tradition is much-loved by the people of my fine town. Except in our family, we never really got into it! Well, the fair just happens to be right down the road from my apartment, and though I had debated just keeping Shiloh in the dark about it I ended up getting invited to go with Amber and some others. So because I had some half-baked notions of being left out as a child because we didn't go, I figured I'd take him.

Seriously, I do this every year. I know now why my mom just didn't ever take us! First off, I ended up spending almost $50 on rides, tickets to get in, food, and the Demolition Derby.

I didn't even enjoy myself! I went on 2 rides, ended up getting sunstroke really bad, felt dizzy, nauseous, and thought I might pass out. I ended up leaving my kiddo with Amber, who graciously offered to finish off the fair trip for me, rather than watch me collapse.

Buddy did have fun though! Next year, I'm pawning the job off on an uncle. Dave, I'll pay you to take him! Just please, let me stay home!
Amber's brother Nick was a really nice guy and rode with Shiloh on a bunch of rides.

Making new friends on the car ride :)

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