Friday, August 19, 2011

Overlooked this Summer...

Buddy and I did so many little activities this summer that I have a lot of miscellaneous pictures that never got posted. Either I didn't take many pictures, or it wasn't a huge event, or I just overlooked the activity.

So, since I'm sure everyone's greatest desire is to see another post of me thinking my kid is the best photo subject EVER, here are a selection of photos that were missed from this summer!
My friend  Blaze playing "kayak trip" with Buddy at a bonfire :)

First time at the pool for the summer! It wasn't very good weather.

On the train at the Splash Pad with a friend from his old preschool!

Jumping for joy at the Splash Pad!

Enjoying the jets

The most popular toy at the Splash Pad

Shiloh's fat lip and bruise from some over-zealous dancing at Concert on the Square

What happens when I tell the kiddo "You don't have to sleep, but you have to stay in your bed and read books until I say you're done!"

My favorite outdoor statue at the Woodson Art Museum. I tell Shi all the time that I'd take it home if I could!

There ya have it, folks. My summer wrap-up! Next week I go back to school, that weekend I move into my new apartment, and a few days after that Shi starts his 4K. Time is going too fast!

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