Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Finally Alone!

So, basically since I moved in to the new place, I've been bombarded with visitors. Which is great, and makes me feel loved and like I have some good friends... But also I need my alone time!

I've had at least 2 people stop by a day to see the new place. I also had some family staying with me all weekend, a friend stay with me for about half a day until he could get a ride somewhere else, and just... in general NO alone time.

Plus, this is the first real weeks of the new schedule for Buddy. He now goes to his dad's house every other weekend for 2 days, rather than every week Monday/Tuesday. And I'm loving the extra time, and the chance for  more stability for my kid, but I also am having to adjust to having even less time alone, even less time to try to be my own person. I think it's all going to be for the best and I'll get used to it quickly, but... for right now it's kind of a trial.

Anyway, all my visitors are gone now, and I'm really enjoying sitting around watching bad tv and reading (and blogging, of course) and I'm enjoying my alone time!

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