Saturday, September 3, 2011

We're All Family

This is another wedding weekend for the Burgess clan, this time for my cousin/good friend (two-fer, as our kids say... as in two-fer-one) who I'm super excited for. I don't know how much I've spoke about her on here, because I try to leave other people out of my blog in case they don't want their lives potentially out on the internet.

But without saying too much, she has found a wonderful man after getting through some really tough times, and thinking about her marriage makes me leak love-tears quite often :)

It's frustrating though, because some parts of my family are much more loving and accepting than others. So getting everyone together ends up making me feel pressured, and "not good enough", and like somehow the significant (at least to me) progress I've made in my life doesn't count unless I've finished school, gotten a full time job, gotten married, and bought a house.

Which is ridiculous! Here I am proud of the way I'm succeeding in my new program at school, the new apartment that is perfect for Shiloh and I, the fact that for the first time in a long time I'm not just searching for any guy who will have me and instead waiting for the right time (and person) for me.

But, none like your family to make you feel all at once judged and loved!

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