Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Family Love

I know I've been complaining a lot recently about how stressed I am, about how taxing my new schedule is and how overworked I am.

I'm not taking that back, I am going a little crazy! But last weekend, though insane, also had some great moments. I wrote earlier about wanting to teach Buddy to ride his bike:
Uncle David tried hard, and it was super cute, but I guess Buddy just wasn't ready. He was NOT excited about trying the 2 wheels once it actually came about, even though he was totally pumped beforehand! But at least I got a cute picture :)

These are from the wedding, I think they look great! The reception was soooo much fun, it was held at the Rothschild Pavilion which has just been remodeled, and it was decorated amazingly. I wish the dance had started a little sooner, since we didn't get out until about 10 pm (and we left early) and we had the baptism in the morning.

Speaking of, check these out!

Buddy checking out the baptismal font, he was really interested in the water! The man in the suit and tie is the pastor, this was after the ceremony.

Mom, Buddy, Dad, and sponsors Aunt Bethany and Uncle David.

Buddy was really excited about the baptism, and even more excited afterwards when he realized he got presents! That was pretty much the highlight of his day, and he hasn't stopped playing with his "Toy Story 3 Dump" since Sunday :)

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