Monday, October 31, 2011

This is Halloween!

So, I went to Madison for FreakFest this year, which is something I've never done before! And honestly, I probably wouldn't do it again, I didn't enjoy State Street and Madison is stressful. However, I got to hang out with some amazing friends that I haven't been able to really spend time with in a long time, and that part was a blast!
The boys, as followers of the cult of Zoltan!

Me and Shane, my oldest friend! We've known each other since Kindergarten :)
On Sunday, I drove back from Madison with Shane, then immediately got into my own car and ran out to pick up Buddy from his dad's house, and hour away. So, total driving time on Sunday? 5 hours. Lovely.

But then I got to take Buddy trick-or-treating! He went as a mummy, his grandma made his costume and he looked great! We got so many compliments while we were out, it seems like no one takes the time to make costumes any more so ours was appreciated :)

He also got to go trick-or-treating again tonight while his grandma watched him (I had to work), so we have 2 huge buckets full of candy to enjoy! 

Next on the agenda for the week: Buddy's birthday! It's on Thursday, and then this weekend we are taking his twofer Payton and my cousin Korrin to an indoor waterpark for a sleepover/small birthday party! This is all we can handle, after the crazy month we've had there was no way I was going to throw a full blown party.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to things starting to calm down, get more manageable. There have been so many fun things in the last few weeks, but also so much stress that I can't wait to get back into a ruitine in my life!

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