Thursday, October 20, 2011


I originally titled this post "business", then realized that, um, that's actually a word that means something completely different. But hey, now I know how they came up with the word business!

Anyway, I've been EXTREMELY busy the past few days. I just started the new job at the Boys and Girls Club, which is every day after school until 7pm. Plus, I got a call this week to start a work study job at my college, so that's going on also. Add in there school, 2 choirs for me, 1 choir for Buddy...
I basically have no spare time between 8am and 7pm every weeknight. On Wednesdays (choir day) it's even later than that.

As if that wasn't enough, there is another wedding in my family and I had a family member announce to me that she and her significant other were going to stay with me. For 2 nights. Not like she asked or anything, seriously she just told me. Which... I mean... it's fine that they're staying here. It's not fine that they didn't ask. And I'm so crazy busy... I just really wish they weren't.
My house is a mess. I have Buddy's baptism on Sunday. I have no spare time. Ughhhhhhh.

Oh, and did I mention my wallet got stolen this week? Yeah. As if there wasn't enough stress.

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