Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Leaves

These weeks have been busy ones. We went to a wedding yesterday, had Buddy's baptism today...
But not too busy for arts and crafts!
This was a project that I thought would be way easier than it actually was. I wanted to make "stained glass" fall leaves out of tissue paper and cardboard.
Then, it turned out I didn't have any plain cardboard. So I was gonna cut it out of construction paper.
 Then, I realized how hard it was to cut a leaf pattern out of construction paper!

Then, Buddy got bored and started coloring.

Then, we glued on the tissue paper.

 Then, I realized that I needed 2 patterns exactly the same to sandwich the tissue paper, otherwise it was ugly.

Then, we finally finished. It was a pain. But they turned out pretty cool looking!


  1. It is wonderful that even when you're busy, you take time to enjoy each other. This is great!!

  2. I love this! It totally sounds like how "craft time" is in our house. I want so badly to be creative & crafty, but it is a challenge for me!!!
    Looks awesome! Great job!

  3. Hi, MommaP! It's nice to get a new reader, are you someone I know in real life or a new online friend?