Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Take It Back.

It's not that he's a wimp, he's an artist! I bought him a paint by numbers kit a few days ago. We finally busted it out this afternoon (it's been a long week, I needed a quiet activity) and he worked in complete silence for about an hour. I love it.
The concentrating face is my favorite.

I kept trying to capture it perfectly, I couldn't get it.

upside down picture!

"OK Mom, if I sorta smile at you will you get that camera out of my face?"

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  1. Hey manda,

    Even though shiloh can be wimpy at times, I am reminded of how scared I used to be of the dark. Dad used to make me go down into the basement to get stuff at night and I Would literally sprint the whole time cus i was so scared. He will grow out of it, and if not he can just be a wimp like Uncle Davey!