Friday, November 25, 2011

We Give Thanks

Thanksgiving was great this year. My family went up north to visit my grandparents, which was a really good idea!
My dad and I cooked Thanksgiving dinner together, like we have for the last few years.

Yum, pies and stuffing! Notice that my dad is still in pajamas and that I'm looking overtired and crabby... but that stuffing looks delicious!!

Eventually the whole family got in on the cooking act, which was hilarious! My Grandpa, who watched us cook for almost the whole time, decided to help with the potatoes. He grabbed the electric beater to mash them up... and shot them all over the walls! Epic. Seriously, made me laugh SO HARD!

Look at that spread! Amazing :)

Thanksgiving family dinner  (minus my dad, who took the picture)
 There was also ATV-ing, walks in the woods, I talked with my Grandma for hours about parenting and other  deep things... it was a great vacation and I want it to happen again. Like, next weekend.

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