Friday, November 4, 2011

My Baby is 5!!!

Today was Buddy's birthday. Although, since he's so old, maybe I should just start calling him Bud! He's 5 years old today, and though his "party" (sleepover with 1 friend, but at an indoor waterpark!) isn't until Saturday...
There was no way I wasn't doing something special today. So:

This is actually a toy Bud got a week or 2 ago, for his baptism. But it's as ridiculously expensive and fancy as his new present (an Imaginext Samurai Castle) so it totally counts as a present! (plus, as a broke single mommy, I couldn't afford either toy. So thank god for affluent relatives!!!)

My presents to my kiddo were a Spiderman Puzzle ($2, thank god for Fleet Farm) and a kid-proof video camera! We already put together the puzzle, and guess what? Although it has 5 corners, it's missing 1 middle piece! I guess that's what you get when you buy a $2 puzzle, but Bud didn't really care at all :)

The video camera was a stroke of genius though, he's already taken 13 videos that he decided were "worth it to keep" and you will probably be subjected to some of them soon!

Other than that, I tried to keep his birthday a fun, non-materialistic, event. We went outside and drew a beautiful picture/mural/ "awesome thing"... you can guess who named it the "awesome thing":

The rest of this evening was spent with his dad and that side of the family, which I'm assuming went well after the "samurai castle" incident!
When he finally got home, we tried to calm ourselves down by telling a birthday story. I was a little stumped about how to explain, since his birth (and life so far) have been anything but traditional. But I found this wonderful story online (which I lost the link for since I'm a putz) that gave me a good start, so I just told how a perfect angel was up in heaven and really wanted a chance on earth so he waited and waited until he found his perfect mommy and his perfect daddy and he came to earth.
Then we went through special moments of each year he's been alive. He absolutely loved it, I kind of hope he's interested in it forever so it can become a tradition! And yes, it was an AMAZING birthday.


  1. He is lucky he has such a wonderful mother! I like that he is kicking a soccer ball in the picture.

    Looking forward to Thanksgiving,

  2. Haha Davey, that's not a soccerball! It's the world, he's standing on top of it because he's the King of the World. See also, his crown.

  3. psh i like the soccer ball idea better...