Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kick the Coach!

Ok, so you guys all have heard ad nauseum about my horrible anxiety. Well, one of the things I really wanted to  do but was too nervous to actually try was coaching Buddy's soccer team. So my wonderful father agreed to coach with me! He's the head coach and I'm the assistant (at least for this year) and it's been really great so far!

Of course, since I'm coaching I don't have as much time to take ridiculous amounts of pictures of Buddy. But we're having a great time! Buddy's favorite drill/game thing is called "Kick the Coach" which means they dribble the balls around and try to kick them at us, the moving targets! We also have run ones involving animal noises, one where the kids pretend to be pirates, and some fun 'monkey in the middle' games.

It seems to be working well, since today in their first game our team (the Wingers) scored 4 goals! Oh, and did I mention which teammate scored those goals? That's right, my Buddy!!

Next week I'll get pictures of him in uniform, but in the meantime here we all are at the skills clinic last week!

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