Tuesday, May 29, 2012


You guys, I have the most embarrassingly lame problem to admit:

My new camera is too fancy.
I like it, I covet it, and as such, I don't want to throw it in my purse to capture 'potential' moments! I don't want to throw the strap around my wrist and drag it with me onto the playground. I worry about carrying it around, because it's too nice to get dropped, scratched, or bumped.

Anyway, this is a long way of saying that I went to a wedding in Ohio last weekend, and all I got was just a few pictures.

Trying out the lighting on my poor daddy  :)

 The first dance between bride and groom!

My grandparents, the longest married couple on the dance floor! 60 1/2 years!!! And still madly in love, I aspire to be in a relationship like theirs!

Buddy dancing with the bride for the "dollar dance"

Cheesy smile.

Buddy's older cousin proving that "slow dances can be fun too!"

My dad (the one with the cheesehead) may have had a few beers by this point :)

Anyway, the wedding was fun, especially the dancing, and although the 11 hour drive to (and from) Ohio sucked, I think I had a good time!

...I only say "I think" because we left Wausau during a thunderstorm/tornado (storms are one of my anxiety triggers) and then had to sit in a car (driving is another trigger) while following the storm for quite a while, and then I got sick on the drive down... which made me feel miserable and cough-y and exhausted and tense for way too long once we finally got to our destination! And the ride home, though not quite as bad, was still painful.

...but I should say, Buddy was a champ for the horrifically long drive! He was pretty much polite, kept himself entertained, and slept well when it was time :) last year's drive was WAAAAAY worse!

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  1. Gotta say, Dad looks pretty good in a cheese head.