Saturday, May 19, 2012

Haircut Woes

So, if you follow me on facebook, you may have seen a lot of this already. But you guys, Buddy got his hair cut this week!
So Buddy has been talking since last summer about wanting to get his hair buzzed with Uncle David once it got to be summer. And this week, it finally hit the 80's! So David texted me, let me know that the heat had gotten to him and he had shaved off his winter mop... and that immediately made Buddy want to get his hair shaved too.

So, Uncle Dave started shaving. And Buddy was fine... for about the first two lines of shaven hair. Then, he started to freak out. Uncle Dave and I tried to hold him to calm him down...

But it was too late. The kiddo had absolutely lost it. He was seriously freaking out to an extent that I had probably never seen before. Crying hysterically, clutching onto me for dear life, not capable of speech... if you didn't know better you would think we were torturing him! (With a haircut that he begged for, no less!)

Anyway, so I had an appointment that afternoon so I had to leave Buddy with Uncle Dave. At which time we gave up on the haircut for awhile, and let the kiddo calm down.

Here you can see the wonderful half-shaved head that we thought we might be stuck with! See how he's perfectly cheerful as long as the clippers isn't next to his head :)

Anyway, somehow while I was at my appointment Uncle Dave (possibly known henceforth as "The Miracle Worker") convinced Buddy that it would be good to surprise his mom with a fully shaved head.

So... voila!!!

after a few good hours of worry, tears, hysteria, etc... his hair got buzzed. And he thinks it's awesome looking. And I won't have to fight about trying to brush tangles out for a few months, and all the summer sports and swimming and stuff have suddenly gotten easier.

Was it worth it? Still not sure. We'll see how he reacts next summer!


  1. I think I like that new nickname

    Uncle Davey

    1. I'll try to remember to use it whenever I write about you here from now on!